Thursday, March 30, 2023


Astronaut Admits He Faked Moon Orgasm

WINDY FALLS, MINNESOTA -- For years, Commander Glenn Mitchum has dined out on the fact that he is one...

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Of Course Elon Will Let You Call Him a Pedo on Twitter Once He Buys It. He Loves Free Speech.

The following is an editorial submitted by Chad Schittsworth, a senior fellow at the Dicking Institute, a conservative think tank dedicated to "Three F's...

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Typing “Go Fuck Yourself” On Facebook Now Unleashes A Stream Of Cute Little Animated Dildos

SWILLYCORN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Social media giant Facebook is constantly trying to improve the experience its billions of users have every day on the biggest social media platform on the web. Each new tweak to its newsfeed algorithm, each...

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