Xander X. Xanthangum Xander X. Xanthangum

Xander X. Xanthangum is a blogger/news writer whose credits include submitting questionable and unsourced articles to the Gish Gallop and Broad Street Beacon and now Not Really news. He is a metamodernist writer in the post-post-post-post modernist sense, whose goal as an artist and journalist is to subvert, hijack, and appropriate modernity and post-modernity. (If you even know what the fuck this means, good for you.) In addition to his street cred on at least one local street, he has been married at least three times, with two of them dying tragically of hipster overdose. He currently is involved in a vicious feud with his ex-wife, Cecilia Ravenscroft, who not only is the queen bitch of bitchy bitches, but she is jealous and laughs cruelly at his ultra-hipness.