Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ron Johnson: “I Shouldn’t Have to Take My Hood and Robes Off to Prove I’m not Racist!”

"What makes me racist is my racist views of non-white people! But I didn't even say any of that stuff on the radio last week!"
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Area Town Fears It Only Exists in David Lynch’s Imagination

Visalia, CA -- During a recent interview with the People magazine, writer and film director David Lynch admitted that the small former California central...

Donald Trump Reveals That He’s Really Andy Kaufman

Washington D.C. -- Donald Trump shocked not only his staff, but the entire world today when he revealed he was actually Andy Kaufman. According to...

Nickelodeon Finally Reveals Secret Ingredient In Green Slime: Uncut Colombian Cocaine

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA -- If you grew up in the 1980's or 1990's you may have watched the children television programming network known...

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