Garth Gall of Clovis, CA says he plans to work hard to get his grades up.

Future Active Shooter Disappointed About His C- Manifesto Grade

Clovis, CA — Future active shooter and area incel Garth Gall spent the latter half of the day sulking after he received a C- minus on his manifesto entitled “Rotting From the Inside Out: Make America Great Again.” Mr. Gall claims he spent over two months writing and rewriting his treatise on the evils of immigration, the demise of pro-European culture, the “dilution of white genes” by the “Great Replacement.”

“Damn, this is a bummer. I had all my arguments supported with facts too,” said future active shooter Garth Gall, 21 of Clovis, CA. “I mean, I had all the math on how I could increase jobs for white patriots just by taking out a few illegals.”

According to his writing composition Associate Professor at Fresno State, Mr. Gall needs to tone it down.

“Garth is a very talented writer with a knack for alliteration,” said associate professor Debra Forrestor. “But these themes he writes about–you know–about the deep state and illegal immigration are not appropriate. Well, they’re racist and bigoted. I reported him to the Dean as per the Humanities College suspicious person protocol.”

Stave Houston, the Dean of Fresno State’s College of the Humanities, confirmed that Mr. Gall’s suspension is in progress while they review his writings. As for Garth, he’s not worried about his suspension, or the perception that he may be a threat for others.

“Come on. I figured clapping a crowd in Clovis could close this whole confusion,” clamored Gall, “but I found no crowds in Clovis. Can’t a cadet come to a common conclusion?”

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