Friday, March 31, 2023

Closest McDonald’s Franchise to the White House Files Bankruptcy

CAPITOL HILL —  McDonald’s general manager, Richard Reid, says with the former president leaving the White House, the restaurants future looks bleak.

“He was our number one customer,” Reid states. “Between honoring world class athletes with thousands of dollars worth of Big Macs, or his daily dozen McMuffin breakfast, to his traditional weekly Sunday supper, he was able to keep us afloat during COVID restrictions.”

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Furthermore, as Richard states, “…since losing his access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and everything else, him diving into a deep depression meant good business for us. For every Tweet he WOULD have sent, it was replaced by a 20pc McNugget meal. Now with that gone, I have to face the stark reality that we may never see the profits we have for the past 4 years.”

And it’s just not McDonald’s feeling the strain. Wendy’s, Burger King and Taco Bell are all stressed they may have to enforce layoffs due to the lack of money coming in now.

“Some of our employees have requested a transfer close to the Mar-A-Lago resort to reap the benefits of a retired Trump and his eating habits” says Wendy’s Executive HR Director Carl Casey. “We’re trying to manage our ‘new normal’ and seeing where the Biden presidency takes us.”

We have reached out to officials from the previous administration, seeking a statement, however, they weren’t able to respond by the time we went to press

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