Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ron Johnson: “I Shouldn’t Have to Take My Hood and Robes Off to Prove I’m not Racist!”

"What makes me racist is my racist views of non-white people! But I didn't even say any of that stuff on the radio last week!"
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Greene Spent Easter Sunday Worshiping Her Savior and His Son, Donald Trump Jr.

Marjorie Taylor Greene spent her Easter Sunday worshiping her lord and savior like so many other right-wing American Christians did.

Now That’s She’s Been Struck By a Car, Sarah Palin Supports Crosswalks

Former half-term Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin OAN this morning that she "just takes a little longer than normal people" to process and understand basic...

Pop Quiz: Is Antifa or the NRA Responsible for More Deaths in America?

Can you guess who has helped kill more Americans -- the NRA or Antifa?

Cherokee County Sheriff Once Said Ted Bundy Had ’30 Bad Days for Him’

"I don't know that Bundy was motivated by any hatred for women."

An Excerpt from Trump’s Post-Presidential Diary

"The only real difference is I don’t have my beautiful Twitter account."

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Texans to Remove Their Masks and Tongue Kiss a Covid Patient

The law also contains a provision that forces Democrats to get "666" tattoos from unmasked, covid positive tattoo artists.

Tom Cotton Says Democrat Votes Should Only Be Worth Three-Fifths of Republican Votes

The panic seems to have set in with Republicans because throughout the states.

Gaetz Plans to Fuck a Mrs. Potato Head While Reading Racist Dr. Seuss Books to Own the Libs

He's had it up to here with cancel culture, and Matt Gaetz is going to do the only thing he knows how in order to stop it: embarrassing himself.

Biden Directs Space Force to Stop Its ‘McDonald’s on the Moon’ Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Space Force will no longer be developing a plan to install a McDonald's fast food franchise on Earth's moon. This new...

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