Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Greg Abbott

Cruz Slams Texas Dems For Not Asking to Borrow His Cancun Timeshare

Democrats in the Texas State Senate have once again taken to extreme measures to fight the passage of their state's sweeping new set of voter restrictions. This time, the Democrats who walked out on a special session and denied...

TX Governor Signs Law Affirming Life Begins at Erection

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Gov. Greg Abbott (Q-TX) signed a law today that makes seeking or obtaining an abortion after the point of erection illegal. "It is with great pride, and a solemn commitment to protecting the life of the unborn...

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Texans to Remove Their Masks and Tongue Kiss a Covid Patient

The law also contains a provision that forces Democrats to get "666" tattoos from unmasked, covid positive tattoo artists.
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Latest News

Biden Sells White House Naming Rights to Soros, Inc for $666 Trillion

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Joe Biden signed an agreement today that authorizes a name change to the historic residence...
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