Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hunter Biden

Boebert and Greene File Articles of Impeachment Against Hunter Biden’s Laptop

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When Democrats and a handful of vertebrate Republicans impeached Donald Trump twice, Republicans warned that there would be recompense. Today, in a move sure to stir quite a commotion on the Hill, Trump's loyalist struck their...

In Fake Hearing, Giuliani Claims Hunter Biden’s Laptop Voted 80 Million Times

PHARTSALOT, PENNSYLVANIA -- Things are getting, for lack of any better phrase to describe it, "fucking stupid," for the the outgoing president and his campaign's legal team. Over a month ago, the American people spoke and they rejected a...
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Matt Walsh is Thinking Very Deeply About Your Genitals. Just Like Jesus.

This week, Daily Caller columnist and podcaster Matt Walsh -- a devout evangelical Christian conservative -- appeared on The Dr. Phil...
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