Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ron Johnson: “I Shouldn’t Have to Take My Hood and Robes Off to Prove I’m not Racist!”

"What makes me racist is my racist views of non-white people! But I didn't even say any of that stuff on the radio last week!"
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Man Tying Shoes Sends Tammy Lahren Into Rage-Induced Coma

DULLARD, TEXAS -- Representatives for right-wing firebrand conservative commentator Tabasco Lahren are confirming at the time of publication that she is in stable condition,...

Trump Suggests NFL Players Protest Police Brutality With Tiki Torches, Swastikas, and Weapons

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the past three years, the NFL has been grappling with how to placate conservative and liberal fans of football, thanks...

US Paralympics Team Refuses to Stand During Star Spangled Banner

COLORADO SRPINGS, CO -- A controversy erupted over the weekend when the United States Paralympics Team refused to stand for the National Anthem during their...

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