Friday, August 19, 2022

voting rights

23andMe Finds DNA Link Between Jim Crow and Kyrsten Sinema

SWILLY CORN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- A new bombshell report from genetic testing company 23andMe indicates that a sitting, Democratic Senator is a distant relative of Jim Crow. At a press conference held just hours ago, 23andMe spokesperson William Chili...

Cruz Slams Texas Dems For Not Asking to Borrow His Cancun Timeshare

Democrats in the Texas State Senate have once again taken to extreme measures to fight the passage of their state's sweeping new set of voter restrictions. This time, the Democrats who walked out on a special session and denied...

Cruz: “Republicans Are the Party of Lincoln and That’s Why We Defend the Monuments and Flag of His Racist Enemies”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- During a break in a Senate hearing on voting rights laws, Sen. Ted Cruz (Q-Trump's Taint) blasted Democrats for holding the hearing in the first place, and referred reporters to one of his tweets for context. "It's...

McConnell: “What Idiot Gave These Corporations So Much Power in Our Political Discourse?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Q-KY) has a reputation for being a steely, unemotional political combatant, even as he's driving a rhetorical dagger into the hearts of his opponents. This morning, however, shortly before lashing out...

Tom Cotton Says Democrat Votes Should Only Be Worth Three-Fifths of Republican Votes

The panic seems to have set in with Republicans because throughout the states.
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God Apologizes For Not Telling Everyone About His Great Replacement Project Sooner

After a white supremacist gunman's killing spree in Buffalo, New York over the weekend revealed the shooter's manifesto included...
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