Tuesday, December 7, 2021

white supremacy

Gosar’s Next Fundraiser Will Be Black Tie, Hoods Optional

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Rep. Paul Gosar (Nazi-AZ) will be participating in a fundraising event, held by known white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his America First SuperPAC this weekend. Mr. Fuentes is a devout, pro-MAGA conservative and Holocaust denier. It's going...

Redskins Rename Themselves to Honor Those Offended by Team’s Name Change

After almost nine decades using it, the nickname of the NFL team based in the nation's capital will change permanently, sometime soon. MORE: CDC Study Shows Wearing a Mask Reduces Spreading Selfish Douchebaggery by 100% According to team officials, the Washington...
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Biden Sells White House Naming Rights to Soros, Inc for $666 Trillion

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Joe Biden signed an agreement today that authorizes a name change to the historic residence...
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