Thursday, December 8, 2022

Trump Jr: “You Ever Notice the Democrats Won’t Impeach The President of China?”

This story is reprinted with permission from The Pastiche Post.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — He might keep making allegations about last November’s election being “stolen” from his father, but Donald Trump Jr is also starting to speak publicly in ways that indicate he and his family have started to finally process the fact that their patriarch will indeed be limited to a single presidential term, for now at least.

“Fine, okay, Sean, I can accept reality, I’m a big boy. I can be brave, ex-specially when I’ve got my special helper, cocaine, to get through it,” Trump Jr said to Sean Hannity on Fox News last night. “So President Daddy lost. Big whoop. He’ll be back. Better than ever, and he’ll have his own Twitter app, but called, like, Trump-Twits or something. Then Big Tech can’t viciously censor him, just because he kept trying to overturn American democracy with his social media accounts!”

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At one point, Trump Jr, white residue caked to his nostrils, started to muse about what he’d watched his father go through over the last four years. President Trump is now the only man to hold that office who was impeached twice. Adding to the potential shame and embarrassment is the fact that both impeachments came in the same, single term, and if he doesn’t run in 2024, that will be his only term.

“Oh, sure, now they’re gonna impeach President Daddy again just because he unleashed a mob of angry domestic terrorists on the capitol,” Trump Jr complained. “But, can I ask you a question Sean? You ever notice the Democrats won’t impeach the President of China?”

Hannity was “blown away” by Trump Jr’s point.

“Don Jr, I gotta tell you, I am just blown away by what you’re saying, and here’s the thing,” Hannity replied, “it’s completely true. They can’t fact-check that out of existence, can they? The Democrat Party has impeached your dad twice, but not the President of China a single time, and I think all of our viewers at home just simply want to know why that is.”

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has already indicated that he wants to see Republicans win back the House and begin immediate impeachment proceedings against the President of China.

“We’ll do what the Democrat Party and its communist donors won’t do,” Gaetz said on Newsmax today. “We’ll impeach the President of China, the President of North Korea, the President of Iran. We’ll impeach them all, because Republicans are the only ones who know how to spend tax dollars wisely and on important things.”

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James Schlarmann
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